Paper Tape – 2″

$14| Roll (plus tax)


This premium flatback Paper Tape can fulfill most duties required when it comes to tape. It can be used for markers on set, labels on gear, painting straight edges among countless other purposes. It also leaves no residue and features a writable surface. However, unlike the Black Matte Tape , paper tape has a shinier surface which can cause reflection issues on camera and is not as durable as the industry standard gaffers tape.

List of all tapes we carry:
1) Black Matte – 2″ (Regular Size)
2) Black Matte – 2″ (Small Core)
3) Paper Tape – 2″
4) Paper Tape – 1″
5) Gaffers Tape – 1″
6) Gaffers Tape – 2″
7) Blue Paper Tape – 2″
8) Gorilla Tape (Black)
9) Duct Tape (No Residue)