(updated 05-08-20)

Enhanced Safety Measures | COVID-19

In anticipation of production starting up again safety protocols here at Hot Bricks have adapted to create a safer workplace for employees and customers during this period of COVID-19. We have also added new safety additions to our expendable and rental inventory.

We view the CDC recommendations as a bare minimum and will exceed them whenever possible. Enhanced safety protocols relating to COVID-19 were incorporated into our warehouse safety training in February 2020. We will continue to emphasize this enhanced training to all of our workers on a continuous basis. Our staff is very aware of how this virus can spread, even asymptomatically, and will continue best safety practices.

Most of our safety protocols have been in place before the state ordered to close and before the CDC recommended them, but we are adding a new zero-face-to-face interaction protocol with customers. You can see below for our full list of safety protocols, along with new safety rental/sales items and new safety items in develoment.

Safety Protocols

  1. Zero-face-to-face contact: While the CDC recommends a 6ft distance between people, we will be requesting the phone number of anyone picking up or returning equipment so that we may reach out to them and plan this exchange with zero face-to-face contact. Customers may be asked to wait in their vehicle while the equipment is loaded/unloaded by our staff. Once complete the
    customer will be notified that they can now safely verify the equipment and leave without any close interaction.
  2. Employees temperatures will be monitored throughout the day and they will be sent home if they ever develop a fever.
  3. Employees are required to stay home if they show any signs or symptoms of illness.
  4. We will be limiting the amount of customers that are on site at the same time.
  5. Equipment pickups and returns will occur outside. It won’t be necessary for customers to enter any structure.
  6. All commonly touched surfaces at our warehouse will be cleaned continuously and thoroughly using disinfectants and methods known to kill coronaviruses.
  7. Our Employees will be required to maintain social distancing from each other while working.
  8. All Employees and Customers will be required to wear masks while on site at all times.
  9. Employees will be required to wear gloves.
  10. Employees are required to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly, no exceptions.Hand Washing
  11. Our Employees will continue to work remotely when practical to minimize any possible social contact between employees.
  12. Employees will be issued tools and cleaning equipment that will not be shared.
  13. Hand sanitizing stations will be available at entrances and throughout the property for employees and customers.

Cleaning + Sanitizing Equipment

  1. Our equipment will be throughly cleaned with a hospital grade virucide disinfectant and methods known for killing coronaviruses.Professional Virucide Cleaner
  2. All vehicle cabs will be sanitized upon return and again immediately prior to customer checkout.
  3. Walkies and accessories will be sterilized and individually bagged.

Safety Rental Items

  1. Automatic Soap Dispensers
  2. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  3. Mobile Air Filtration Units
  4. Pulse Oximeters
  5. Non-Contact Thermometers

Safety Sale Items

  1. Face Masks
  2. Gloves
  3. Goggles
  4. Face Shields
  5. Finger Cots

Safety Items in Development

  1. Hand Washing Stations: Location friendly, mobile, and easy to maintain hand washing stations.
  2. Face Shields
  3. Personal Dividers: Clear, solid, tabletop dividers for providing a physical barrier to enhance social distancing.