Tape – Gaffer – 1″

$12 | Roll (plus tax)


Gaffers Tape is the industry standard work horse of all tape on sets because it offers a combination of durability and functionality that is unrivaled. The surface is made of a smooth cloth which is easy to tear, write on, and unwind. The surface also exhibits no reflective properties which is great for on camera tape duties and has a very low residue footprint when removed. Many reasons like these plus others that weren’t mentioned give Gaffers Tape the “industry standard” designation.

We carry 1″ gaffers tape in black, white, green, yellow, blue and red.

List of all tapes we carry:
1) Black Matte – 2″ (Regular Size)
2) Black Matte – 2″ (Small Core)
3) Paper Tape – 2″
4) Paper Tape – 1″
5) Gaffers Tape – 1″
6) Gaffers Tape – 2″
7) Blue Paper Tape – 2″
8) Gorilla Tape (Black)
9) Duct Tape (No Residue)