Black Lives Matter
Safety Gear CTA
Hot Budget 2021 v2.5
Black Lives Matter
Safety Gear CTA
Hot Budget 2021 v2.5

working at the speed of production

Our Supplies

Every one of our rental items on our list has a very specific purpose and has been chosen from hours of research or designed & built in house.

Our Prices

Free walkie accessories + free storage racks + great daily and weekly rates + quality gear, is why we are proud to highlight having the best prices in the industry.

Our Hours

We are open Mon-Fri from 7am to 7pm and open Saturday from 7am to 4pm. Also, you can contact us 24/7 with our after hours line.

Check out our Production Supplies

Protecting the equipment starts with us

designing and creating steel enclosures and carts is done right here

3000 watt generator mounted in its wheeled cage designed here at Hot Bricks

Welding together custom protective casings

one way we ensure that our gear stays in great shape

read below about more ways we care for our equipment

3000 Watt generator with hand made casing and added wheels

Try Our Radios

Our radios are all clearly serialized to help you track distribution to the working crew. Our FCC license covers nearly the entire spectrum of available frequencies. Having such an extensive FCC license means we can avoid transmission conflicts between productions shooting near each other. Our customers can rest easy knowing all potential frequency conflicts or restrictions can be addressed in advance with flexible, custom programming.

We Make Supplies in House

We design and manufacture many of the production supplies in our equipment inventory. The items that we design, are built with the kind of attention to detail, and thoughtfulness that you won’t find anywhere else in our industry. They raise the bar in quality, durability, utility, and price. Rent our makeup mirrors or equipment carts to get a little taste of our in-house creations.

We Protect Our Equipment

Not only do we design and manufacture many of the products that we rent, but we also provide Hot Bricks carts, chair carts, locomat carts, truck racks, furni-pad carts, track racks, trucks racks, and truck shelves, free of charge, and as needed to our rental customers. We want your truck driver to have all the tools that they need to keep their cargo safe and organized during transport without hurting the bottom line.

Hot Budget 2021 v2.5
Hot Budget 2021 v2.5