Generator 2000W

Generator – 2000W

Honda eu2000i Generator

$50.00 | Day


53 lbs

The 2000W gennie, weighing 53 lbs, is perfect when your production needs a small, quiet, transportable power source. The 2000W gennie can safely provide 13.3A of power through its 2 120V outlets.

Comes pre-filled with 1 gallon of gas which provides your production 8 hours of power. No need to fill it up upon return either, but you might need to rent a gas can (empty) for refilling if you want to keep the power flowing for longer.

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Specification Sheet Download

Quick Operating Instructions

To Start Generator

  • Turn the side dial to the on position and move the choke into the direction indicated by the arrow.
  • Pull the pull cord quickly until the generator starts to operate.
  • Slide the choke throttle back the other direction until it sounds like the unit is operating normally.
  • Make sure the valve on top of the gas cap is set to on, which allows air flow to the gas tank.

To Shut Down Generator

  • Turn the side dial to the off position.