Base station

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Much like walkie talkies, Base Stations can transmit and receive communications on all 16 channels. The underlining difference and also their major usefulness is how much further they can can transmit to other walkies or base stations. Compared to walkies, Base Stations can transmit up to 10 miles in distance verses 1 mile. (obstructions such as buildings or varying terrain can effect these distances of communication). Base Stations are also fixed to the location by which they are being powered. Also, it’s important to understand that even though a Base Station can transmit a message up to 10 miles to a walkie on the same channel a Base Station won’t be able to receive a message from a walkie further than 1 mile. If you need to cover an area over 10 miles and need to transmit back and forth you will need to setup 2 or more base stations.

Setting Up:
The antenna has a strong magnet on the bottom so that it can be secured to the exterior of automobiles if needed. IMPORTANT: The distance between the antenna and the base station unit is important because a power spike occurs if the base station and antenna are placed too close together while powered on. So it’s vital that the antenna should always be placed as high and as far away from the base station unit as possible.

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