AC Unit – 1 Ton

$125 | Day

AC Unit 1 Ton
Cooling Capacity: 13,200 BTU
Room Size: 500-600 Sq ft
Dim: 32.5″x25″x48.25″
Weight: >150lbs
Total Power Consumption – 1.3kW
Current Consumption – 11.9A
Min/Max Voltage – 105V-125V

Our 1 Ton AC Units help keep your crew cool when the heat in Los Angeles is too hot for just fans. Our AC unit provides maximum cooling capacity (13,200 Btu/hr) operating on a standard 115V, 15A outlet. They feature a programmable temperature controller and come with two 25’ AC hoses and one 25’ exhaust hose.

Like all AC units it gradually cools air by recycling the ever cooling air through its system and removing warm air from its exhaust. This means that the AC unit should be set up in the area that is being cooled. Additional extensions for the hoses are available, but there is considerable cooling line loss when extensions are added.